Rise ‘n’ Shine: Brangelina Did Some Serious Baby Delivering This Weekend

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Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie


In case you were avoiding all media contact this past weekend, Brad and Angelina had their babies for real this time. Shouldn't today be a national holiday or something?

Srsly, Miley Cyrus, put the camera down. The pictures you take of yourself make those Annie Leibovitz ones seem tame.

New Jessica Simpson "Come on Over" music video overdoses on the countryness.

Mario Lopez learned the hard way: Tip the coat-check girl, or she'll tell everyone about your man purse.

The latest from Amy Winehouse's press-loving dad: His lovely daughter will die a "very slow and painful death."

Latests Hills roommate report reveals Audrina is still living with L.C. Any conspicuous moving vans are just delivering couches.