Vanity Fair Rides the Wave

Blake Lively, magazines, | Hace 7 años

Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, Emma Roberts, Amanda Seyfried, Vanity Fair Magazine

Mark Seliger exclusively for Vanity Fair

The folks over at Vanity Fair have compiled, yet again, a list of the young stars predicted to rule the entertainment universe in the next few years. No pressure, of course.

Among those caught in the glare of the (hopefully not temporary) spotlight this time around are the following lovely ladies who appear on the cover of the August issue:

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively; Amanda Seyfried and Kristen Stewart, who appear in the upcoming films Mamma Mia! and What Just Happened?, respectively; and Emma Roberts, who toplined the recent Nancy Drew flick but is probably best known for having a certain aunt named Julia.

While the fresh-faced foursome are deserving, we couldn't help but wonder who you would have liked to have seen on the cover. Let us know!