Joe Jonas Not Rocking Camp Costar’s World

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Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas

AP Photo

Joe Jonas says he hasn't been mixing business with pleasure.

The pop heartthrob put the kibosh on rumors that he's dating Camp Rock costar Demi Lovato, exclusively telling Yo on E! that the gossip is "not true" and that the misinformation surfaced "if anything, probably just because I’m her costar."

Not to mention her current meal ticket.

Lovato, who played aspiring singer Mitchie Torres in the hit Disney Channel film, has been opening for the Jonas Brothers on their Burning Up tour, which kicked off July 4 in Toronto.

"You know, I think once Nick’s in a movie with a costar, it’s immediately going to be a connection," Joe added, joking about how much everyone loves a juicy behind-the-scenes romance.

Speaking of which, the Jonas Brothers also denied that über-teen Miley Cyrus' new single, "7 Things," was inspired by the relationship she's supposedly having with Nick.

"I heard about that rumor," Nick said. "Can’t be about me, right?"

Not exactly a denial that they're an item, but apparently the 15-year-old Jonas sib isn't quite ready to be Miley's latest muse.