Bonaduce Keeping Something Private for a Change

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Danny Bonaduce, Johnny Fairplay

Paul Fenton-KPA/ZUMA KPA, Robert C. Mora/

Would you believe Danny Bonaduce has agreed to not publicize some aspects of his life?

A Los Angeles judge signed off Friday on a motion to seal the taped depositions given in former Survivor castaway Jonny "Fairplay" Dalton's assault lawsuit against the Breaking Bonaduce star stemming from their run-in at Fox Reality Channel's Really Awards last year.

In his October lawsuit, Dalton maintains he sustained dental injuries and emotional and physical distress when Bonaduce threw him to the ground during filming. Dalton contends that Fox and production company Natural 9 Entertainment are also liable for damages.

"This matter has generated interest from the media which has no bearing on the merits of this litigation," argued attorneys for both shrinking violets in their joint filing to keep the deposition and other confidential information, such as medical and financial records, under wraps.

Sort of like how an entire network devoted to reality programming has no bearing on the betterment of society.