Rise ‘n’ Shine: Sienna Miller’s Not a Homewrecker, Also Not a Home Helper

rise_n_shine | Hace 7 años

Sienna Miller, Balthazar Getty


It doesn’t matter how long Balthazar Getty and wife Rosetta “have been living separate lives,” of course it's "humiliating" for any estranged wife to see Sienna Miller prance around topless in a stupid sailor hat with her husband. So not cool, you two.

Ever wondered what Scarlett Johansson looks like as a normal person? The answer is here. And yes, she's still just as pretty.

Hey, dude accusing Kanye of using a ghost blogger, stop it. The Kan's got pictures of himself blogging on that MacBook Air he almost broke during the rant that will live in caps lock infamy.

The Simpson-Wentz baby is rumored to be a girl, and Pete has taken up sewing baby clothes for her. Yeah, for real.

 Maxim attempts to make up for naming SJP "Unsexiest Woman Alive" by awarding her this month's "Unexpected Crush." Nice try, guys.