Bitch Stole My Tinkerbell Tunic: Alessandra Ambrosio vs. Jessica Alba in Rails Tops

| Hace 6 años



As summer gives way to fall, celebrities reveal they're just like the rest of us: not quite sure how to dress between seasons.

They're still, however, excellent at stealing each other's looks.

Case in point: Jessica Alba and Alessandra Ambrosio, both of whom are saying goodbye to summer with the same flitter-flutter fairy top—and a few very autumn accessories.

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Let's start with Alba, who was spotted earlier this month in said Rails top, along with a pair of fitted Kymerah leather (or leatherlike) leggings, an oversize leather Tod's handbag and sandals by Surface to Air. Again, very summer-meets-fall.

Then came the supermodel: Ambrosio, strolling in Santa Monica with the same top, plus a pink scarf, matching sandals and a nearly invisible pair of frayed shorts—a look much more consistent with the hot weather.

So which beauty wore her fairy top better?

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